*All Hands On Deck: Leveraging Business, Civil Society, and Government for System Change (Keynote Panel)

Saturday, June 7th, 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Cabot Center

We know that deep change is needed urgently. Our dominant political-economic system has never been truly equitable but growing concentrations of power and wealth, coupled with accelerating ecological destabilization, are putting the squeeze on communities in dramatic and profound ways. Something has to change, but how? Donella Meadows, the acclaimed systems theorist, wrote that systems can be changed through the strategic harnessing of leverage points, places where small changes are likely to have major ripple effects. This session seeks to identify those leverage points and explore strategies that actors situated in different places throughout the system can employ to drive the transition to a truly just and sustainable economy.

Collaborative live notes: https://commonbound.hackpad.com/PLENARY-PANEL-All-Hands-On-Deck-Leveragi...