A Network Approach to Collective Impact: The Vermont Farm To Plate Story

Sunday, June 8th, 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM
Room 448

The foundation of the burgeoning local food movement is built on personal relationships among producers and consumers and our collective desire to eat food that is healthy, fresh, tastes good, and supports those who produce it. The need for highly networked communication and coordination among food system enterprises, markets, technical assistance providers, advocacy organizations, and state government regarding products, activities, and services is more acute than ever.

The Five Conditions of Collective Impact framework informed the development of the Farm to Plate Initiative – arguably the most comprehensive food system planning and implementation effort in the United States.  This adaptive network, systems approach which mimics the interconnectedness of ecosystems and how they evolve over time is showing real promise for its ability to accelerate system level change in the food economy.

In this workshop, we will explore the Collective Impact framework at play in Vermont as a case study for how to affect systems level change. This framework has broad applicability for transforming our economy from one based on extraction and extreme competition to one based on the principles of sustainability and cooperation.

Collaborative live notes: https://commonbound.hackpad.com/A-Network-Approach-to-Collective-Impact-...