No one can change the world alone: Donate to CommonBound Scholarships Today

Posted on 6/23/16

CommonBound 2016 is fast approaching. With over 100 workshops put together by members and movement leaders from across the U.S. and Canada, it promises to be a time for hands-on trainings, shared stories and skills, and action that takes the New Economy movement forward.

It’s going to be three days of panels, key-note speakers, and workshops that bring together people with powerful visions of the future. We want to make sure we fill every available space with the leaders who need to be there but we need your support to make it happen.

With your help, we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign for CommonBound Scholarships to cover housing, travel, and registration for those in need. Donations of any amount make it possible to bring together dynamic and diverse voices.

In 2014, over half of participants were able to attend CommonBound thanks to donations, small and large. Recipients ranged from journalists, to community leaders, to teachers and students-- all of whom walked away from the conference inspired and armed with information to take the fight for a better future back to their communities

Help us do the same this year by visiting:

CommonBound is about charting the course to an economy that works for people and the planet. Our movement needs the voices of those most deeply impacted by our flawed system to be a central part of this vital conversation. They have the solutions to propel this movement forward, but need your help getting to Buffalo this July.

By donating to CommonBound scholarships, you’re helping ensure that finances don’t keep someone from the resources and connections they need to be successful.

Geoff Gusoff, a medical student from Philadelphia, received a registration scholarship to attend CommonBound two years ago. While there, he says he made connections to others from the Philly area, learned about the innovative movements going on nationwide. He also gained the confidence to keep pursuing new economy work in healthcare, and the ways it can support worker-owned businesses and the community at large.

“[CommonBound] is an oasis in an economic landscape that is so often barren of models that are both practical and inspiring,” says Geoff.

Scholarships like this help bring new voices into the conversation and they are what make CommonBound such a dynamic cross-section of people. By making a donation to our crowdfunding campaign, you help us ensure no one is left out.

Here’s how far your donations can go:

With $45, you’ll pay for one night of housing for one participant.
$90 pays for two nights of housing.$150 covers one partial or full travel scholarship.
$275 allows us to give one full registration.
$550 allows is to give two full registrations.

Donate any amount over $25, and we will send you your choice of one of these two beautiful posters illustrating the best of what a new economy has to offer. Just click through to this link:

Commonbound is a collaboratively planned conference, shaped by over sixty volunteer coordinators who helped develop the sessions. But that spirit of cooperation goes past the programming. Without participants like Geoff, how would we build a new economy that works for all? Please help us make CommonBound accessible to all, and donate to CommonBound Scholarships today/by June 8th.