Watch Now: CommonBound Videos and Livestream

Posted on 8/1/16

CommonBound 2016 was packed with nearly 100 panels, workshops, and open spaces taking place over the course of three-days. In a conference about visionary strategies for transforming our economy and politics, there was a lot to cover!

With so many great sessions, we know it was hard to pick which one to go to. That’s why this year NEC partnered with Extraenvironmentalists to livestream panels and plenaries throughout the weekend. You can catch up on what you missed, as well as access online-only interviews, with the CommonBound 2016 Playlist.

Here’s a breakdown of the weekend’s livestreamed videos and bonus content:


  1. Opening Plenary: Achieving Self-Determination and Sovereignty for Our Communities

  2. Saturday’s 2-Part Plenary: Taking Our Visions To Scale: Lessons from Abroad and Snapshots of Buffalo’s New Economy Movement

  3. Closing Plenary: Moving Forward With a Plan to Win

One-on-one Interviews:

  1. Interview with Chrystel Cornelius, Executive Director of the First Nations Oweesta Corporation

  2. Interview with Jacobo Rivero, Department of Culture and Sports in the city of Madrid

  3. Interview With Stacy Mitchell, Institute of Local Self-Reliance

  4. Interview with Tawana Petty, Boggs Center


  1. What Do We Mean By Energy Democracy?

  2. New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals

  3. The Internet of Ownership: Cooperative Platforms for the Online Economy

  4. Updating Cuba’s Economic Model

  5. Democratizing Finance

  6. Decolonizing the Economy from the Ground up: Case Study Boston Ujima Project

  7. Is System Change Possible? Long Term Strategies

  8. Leveraging Procurement for Community Wealth-Building and Local Jobs

  9. Challenging a Rigged Market: Policy Tools to Enable Local Businesses to Thrive

  10. The History and Future of the Community Development Finance Movement