Orion Kriegman

Orion Kriegman is the founder of Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition (JP NET), a project of the Institute for Policy Studies in Boston pioneering community resilience,and he is Co-Director of New England NET, doing the same at a regional level. He is also an Associate at Tellus Institute, where he served for many years as Coordinator of the Great Transition Initiative (GTI), an international network of scholars and activists exploring scenarios of sustainable global development. In the past, he has focused on ways to enhance meaningful community participation in the sustainable development of urban neighborhoods. He coordinated the creation of the Urban Ecovillage Network, and was the Project Officer for Reflecting on Peace Practice, a practitioner’s learning network gathering lessons learned about various peace-building efforts in internal armed conflicts. He also worked for two years in Guatemala with the Organization of American States to help government and civil society implement the policies outlined in the peace accords. Orion holds a Masters in Public Policy and Urban Planning from the Harvard Kennedy School.