Flexing Our Power: Movement Building for a Just Transition

Saturday, June 7th, 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM
Room 320/322

The scale, pace and implications of the ecological erosion we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience demands that we fundamentally reshape the economy based on the principles that govern living systems, and that we realign our movement strategies with the healing powers of planet earth. This will demand a new kind of organizing and campaigning, grounding in communities — simultaneously building economic and political muscle and bridging traditional sectors of the social movement.

Luckily, this is movement for a Just Transition is happening all around us, and growing quickly. Join the Our Power Campaign to learn about innovative translocal organizing that is working to create a new center of gravity in our movement by advancing, amplifying and aggregating the struggles of diverse communities working together to remake economy and redefine the very shape of governance. The workshop will share the real-world experiences of visionary organizing and will lay out the framework of the campaign.

Collaborative live notes: https://commonbound.hackpad.com/Flexing-Our-Power-Movement-Building-for-...