Making the case for a New Economy: How the American public understands the economy and the role of the public sector

Sunday, June 8th, 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM
Room 340

In order to build a new economy that puts people and the planet first, it is imperative that we first understand how the American public understands how the economy works and the role of the public sector in ensuring our values as a country. Americans are rightly concerned about our economy — growing inequality, the slow pace of recovery and the lack of dignified jobs. Unfortunately, people have a hard time understanding how the economy works, and they have a very limited sense of what government’s role could be in making it better.

This workshop is designed to help participants understand default perceptions about the economy that create barriers to the policy and systems level changes we need. And it will offer ways to talk about the economy that help people understand that public investments and public systems are the foundation of a strong and equitable economy and that together we can choose policy changes that can create opportunity for all of us.

Collaborative live notes: