Deep Social Enterprise: Maximizing Impact through Structure and Governance

Saturday, June 7th, 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Room 340

Innovative organizations are emerging everywhere in the new economy - worker cooperatives, social enterprises, sharing economy enterprises, transition groups, time banks, land trusts, and much more. The governance structures of these organizations will, in essence, build the governance framework for a new economy. At the same time, many organizations and enterprises plow forward and begin operations without taking time to think carefully about decision-making processes, composition and selection of governing bodies, systems for transparency, and other key considerations. Many groups struggle to find governance structures that maximize progress toward a social mission and that balance efficiency with meaningful engagement of stakeholders.

Marjorie Kelly and Janelle Orsi will begin the conversation by highlighting key challenges and promising models, drawing upon cooperative structures, innovative corporate governance structures, unique nonprofit models, holacratic governance structures, and principles for the management of common pool resources. Following this, we will engage with participants to learn about their experiences with and thoughts about governance in various organizational settings. One goal for this session is to narrow in on some common goals and principles for organizational governance in the new economy.

Collaborative live notes: