Dan Vockins

Dan is Lead Organiser of the campaigns team at NEF in London. He runs the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) programme, training and bringing together campaigners from unions, faith groups, NGOs and grass roots groups. NEON runs projects ranging from the economic mythbusters series to mentoring courses, all with the aim of building a new economy and challenging the neoliberal one.

Prior to joining NEF, Dan was Campaign Manager at climate change movement 10:10 which he helped found in 2009, growing it to 130,000 people, businesses and organisations, He helped set-up the Lighter Later campaign and continues to work one day a week there, helping to set-up a large crowd funded renewables programme. Before that Dan ran the campaign behind The Age of Stupid and was President at the Sussex Student's Union.

Outside of NEF Dan likes cooking, cycling and the odd spot of DJ'ing.