Rebecca Fletcher

Rebecca Fletcher is a Project Manager with Equity Trust, a small
Massachusetts-based nonprofit working nationally on equitable forms of
land ownership, and developing economic relationships based on justice and
environmental sustainability. For the past 20 years, a focus of Equity
Trust’s work has been farm protection projects that include protecting
food production, the farmhouse, and the farm’s affordability for farmers.
Equity Trust also runs a revolving loan fund that enables
 lenders and
donors around the country to support sustainable community-based
projects, and provides a successful model for investing in
 local food
systems, housing and other critical resources.

Rebecca has been with Equity Trust since 2005. She provides assistance to
individuals and groups across the U.S. including farmers, land trusts,
municipalities, community groups and others using shared equity models of
ownership for housing and farms, to create and strengthen new ways of
owning, using, and stewarding property. Rebecca lives in Northampton, MA.