Sarah Stranahan

Sarah Stranahan has more than 20 years of experience in mission related investing, community organizing, and social change philanthropy. As a long term Board member of the Needmor Fund, she helped design and oversee its philanthropic support of community organizing and its integrated mission related investment program. She served on the Finance Committee of the Council on Foundations from 2008-2012, where she helped design and implement an investment policy aligned with the Council’s mission. Sarah’s experiences as a fiduciary led her to study finance, and she passed her level one Chartered Financial Analyst exam in 2009. She co-founded the New Economy Network in 2010, to increase collaboration between individuals and organizations working to accelerate the transition to an economy that supports people and the planet. She served as the Network Coordinator from 2010 through 2012, and then as co-chair of its Board. Sarah is a Board member of the Stranahan Foundation and Free Speech for People, a non-profit working to challenge the misuse of corporate power and restore republican democracy to the people. Sarah works at Bolder Giving, a non-profit that encourages exceptional philanthropy, where she manages their Bold Investing and Environmental Justice Initiatives. She lives in New York City and Tyringham MA with her husband, Henry Richardson, a glass sculptor. They have three adult sons.