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"People in [marginalized] communities are told [..] that it is their fault they are hungry because they lack the knowledge of how to fish, when instead, they have been denied access to the water holes and the fishing gear."

~ Ed Whitfield
Fund for Democratic Communities

How do we articulate a compelling economic vision to sustain us through the unimaginable, to unite us as things fall apart? How do we experience our beauty and humanity in every condition?

~ Adrienne Maree Brown
Kresge Arts

Support the next generation of new economy leaders

Posted on 5/29/14

Events like CommonBound have the potential to unleash the next generation of new economy leaders.

Thus far, NEC has awarded 150 scholarships to youth & student activists. But the demand has surpassed our expectations! We still have about 100 folks waiting to hear back, and our deadline to award scholarships is early NEXT WEEK.

I’m writing today to ask you to support scholarships for young leaders like Roxanne and Daniel.


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